Roto-Mix Announces Realignment of Sales Organization

Dodge City, KS (May 4, 2012) - Roto-Mix LLC, a leader in the design and manufacture of feed mixing and handling equipment for the livestock industry, today announced the realignment of its domestic sales force into two sales teams – Retail Operations and Wholesale Operations – covering North America (U.S. and Canada).

“In a highly competitive industry such as ours, it’s critical to be as close to customers as possible in order to fully understand their equipment needs and requirements”, said Mike Hilderbrand, President of Roto-Mix LLC. “This realignment of our sales force allows us to continue to provide world-class service and support to our core customers in the cattle feedlot industry while actively expanding into new high-growth segments and geographies.”

Mark Cooksey

Kevin Zahrt

Mark Cooksey, General Manager – Retail Operations will lead the High Plains Region retail team, based in Scott City, KS. Reporting to Cooksey will be Sales Representatives Sandie Bonsall and Dan LaTourell, and Howard Green, Manager of Parts & Service. In addition, Cooksey will oversee Roto-Mix’s two Authorized Distributors – Bill’s Volume Sales in Nebraska and Colorado, and BJM in Texas – and Roto-Mix’s industrial equipment (composting) national accounts manager Garland Smith. The retail team will focus primarily on maintaining Roto-Mix’s leadership position in the feedlot sector while developing other potential customer segments in its region through its two company-owned retail outlets.

Kevin Zahrt, General Manager – Wholesale Operations will lead the wholesale team consisting of Regional Managers Steve Gehrke, Earl Patterson, Nelson Creech, and Brady Moy, and seven independent manufacturer representatives. Zahrt recently joined Roto-Mix after a ten-year stint at Art’s Way Manufacturing in Armstrong IA where he was head of sales and marketing. A fifth Regional Manager will be identified at a later date for the Southwest Region. The wholesale team is tasked with upgrading and improving the Roto-Mix dealer network, evaluating the product line, ensuring the Roto-Mix brand receives adequate promotion and exposure in the media and at farm and trade shows, and driving sales through the indirect channel of independent authorized dealers. Their primary focus will be on the dairy sector.

“This strategic realignment of our sales force, along with the fact that we are an American manufacturing company, positions us extremely well for future growth”, said Hilderbrand. “With these new customer-focused sales teams in place, we can expect to see immediate returns as we continue to expand our customer base in the U.S. and Canada. ”

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