Roto-Mix Logo

Images for Download

Vector Images AI / PDF

Roto-Mix Logo 4C (4546KB)

Roto-Mix Logo BW (460KB)

Larger High Resolution Images

Roto-Mix Logo Photoshop Document (78MB)

Roto-Mix Logo 4C JPEG File (1.6MB)

Roto-Mix Logo BW Photoshop Document (18.9MB)

Roto-Mix Logo BW JPEG File (1.5MB)

Smaller Low Resoluton Images

Roto-Mix Logo 4C Small JPEG File (328KB)

Roto-Mix Logo BW Small JPEG File (262KB)

Note: When using the Roto-Mix® logo file in printed material, do not alter or distort the image. When positioning the image file allow adequate white space on all sides.

If using the Roto-Mix logo in a printed publication, please send proof to for preapproval of the logo treatment.

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